Father Gavon

Priest of the Ordinators of the Prominence of Solus


Title: Father Gavon, Priest of the Order of the Last Hour, Prominence of Light
Age: 42
Eyes: green
hair: brown
weapons: enchanted mace, light handgun
place of birth: Locluvia


An Ordinator for nearly twenty years, Gavon traveled with Father Kaiman, carrying out holy quests, in the name of Great Solus. Upon Kaiman’s death, Father Gavon was appointed a new partner, as is the custom of the Ordinators. He was given a Acolyte named Oren Denivic, instead of another Priest, much to his dismay. Gavon acted harshely to the acolyte, but vowed to train him to be exemplary cai’l’sol.

Father Gavon

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